Florida Process Servers who Deliver and Serve Court Documents to Corporations and Registered Agents Everywhere in the state.

A.C.E. Inc., Florida Process Servers are licensed strategists who deliver and serve lawsuits, subpoena's. demands letters and notifications to corporate entities and registered agents everywhere in Florida.

All Florida process serving services are performed by licensed processing agents in compliance with applicable rules, statutes on a statewide basis.

Florida process serving services include, but are not limited to, serving the following court documents to corporations and registered agents:

  • Cease and Desist
  • Citation
  • Complaint
  • Courtesy Copies
  • Cross Complaints
  • Demand Letters
  • Eminent Domain
  • Evictions
  • Federal Documents
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishment
  • Injunctions
  • Liens
  • Notifications
  • Order
  • Petitions
  • Restraining Orders
  • Small Claims
  • State Documents
  • Statements
  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Third-party Complaints
  • U.S.D.C Summons
  • U.S.D.C. Subpoena
  • Writs

    When you retain our office to handle your Florida process serving services, you can depend upon us to get the job done right the first time! For your peace of mind, please be advised, we are a well-known and experienced Florida statewide agency for two decades. We successfully completed more than 975,000 transactions; partner with 3100+ law firms; assist 100’s of finance companies; work with 100’s of Investigators: and, work for government agency’s such as, but not limited to, the Department of Justice, Security and Exchange Commission, Department of Transportation, Department of the Treasury, Department of Defense, the US Marshal’s office, and most state Attorneys General offices in America. Our long standing reputation, experience, and level of expertise is relied upon by our clients and we hope you will depend upon us too!

    A.C.E., Inc, Florida process serving services are rooted in our daily mission to provide timely and proper service of process. All service requests are received as special cases and are handled by an assigned manager who monitors your service from the moment we receive your paperwork to the actual time of attempts at delivery and service. Our licensed Process Servers are continuously updating clients with status updates and will take copious notes while performing services. Said notes are utilized to support each Affidavit / Proof / Return with details which will remain part of the cloud based encrypted data files for future reference, if needed.


    We know how to serve process in Florida, especially to corporations, corporate entities, directors and registered agents. Nobody understands applicable rules of civil procedure and related statutes for serving process, delivering demand letters or notifications to a Florida entity or registered agent, we guarantee service.

    We are known for maintaining productive relationships, meeting deadlines, and pride ourselves on assuring our clients needs are meet from start to finish.

    Here are a few bulleted statements that best describe our mindset and guide our management of our services.

    Your peace of mind is our objective as your service progresses you will be updated in a timely manner.

    Our personalized approach and responsive managers make us the best choice for Florida process serving lawsuit and delivering subpoena's directed at corporations, corporate entities, directors and registered agents.

    We earnestly partner with paralegal professionals, legal secretaries, attorneys and finance executives to keep cases moving, no matter what.

    The process serving experts at A.C.E., Florida process services also offer its clients special timing and cost savings deals.

    Optional and Additional services:

    US Mail forwarding research.

    When the address listed for the corporation or agent is found (or not) to be a bad address, we can explore if the mail is forwarding and to where it is going.

    The A.C.E. Skip Trace service.

    Handled exclusively by our in-house Private Investigator. We find corporate directors and agents anywhere in Florida.

    The A.C.E. email and phone number search service.

    Offered to Attorney’s who are seeking to communication with corporate directors, registered agents and or employees of a corporation

    Directors, Managers and Agents not complying?

    An A.C.E., Inc. Licensed Private Investigator (A9900347) will work closely with you to develop a plan of action to get the corporate defendant or witness served.

    A.C.E. Process Servers have a vast amount of experience. When it comes to serving process and delivering lawsuits and subpoena's upon Florida corporations and or registered agents, we are worldly known for being the one stop solution in Florida. We guarantee of process services and affidavits / proofs / returns on service in a timely basis.

    Aside from being a two-decade young company with 1000’s of hours of combined hands on experience, we attribute our understanding and expansive knowledge to our diversity of clients. Through the years we have worked for some of the most prestigious attorneys, law firms, corporation, agents, and businesses. We are proud to share with you the many types of businesses that engaged our services.

    Who hires us to perform process and delivery services involving Florida corporate entities and registered agents


    Business Owners

    Company Executives

    Corporate Counsel

    Finance Companies

    Government Agencies

    Law Firms

    Legal Administrators

    Legal Process Service Companies

    Legal Secretaries


    Mortgage Companies

    Paralegal Professionals

    Private Individuals

    Real Estate Companies


    Are you looking for special values, discounts and additional savings? If you have consistent monthly needs for routinely timed service of process upon Florida corporations, entities or registered agents and want to order services in bulk, you can! While we don’t require our customers to commit to spending for bulk discounted services, we do have limited time offers * for significant discounts on process serving packages for Florida corporate service.

    • $475 a month for 10 statewide service of process or delivery transactions to a Florida corporation or registered agent

    • $795 a month for 18 statewide service of process or delivery transactions to a Florida corporation or registered agent

    • $1000 a month for 25 statewide service of process or delivery transactions to a Florida corporation or registered agent

    A.C.E., Process Servers of Florida offers a wide range of extensive service of process experience involving Florida corporations, entities, directors and registered agents. Listed below are the types of cases our Process Servers have experience with and work to the advantage of our clients.

    • Adversarial Proceedings

    • Asbestos

    • Automobile Accident

    • Automobile Manufacturer Recalls

    • Bankruptcy proceedings

    • Breach of Contract

    • Breach of Fiduciary Duties

    • Broker Malfeasance / Misfeasance

    • Child Products

    • Chinese Drywall

    • Civil lawsuits

    • Class Action Lawsuits

    • Contract Disputes

    • Copyright Infringement

    • Debt Collections

    • Defamation

    • Drug Manufactures

    • Eminent Domain

    • Employees

    • Environmental Litigation

    • Evictions

    • Foreclosures

    • Fraud

    • Industrial Disease

    • Interference with a Contract

    • Mass Torts and Class Action

    • Medical Devices

    • Medical Malpractice

    • Mortgage Foreclosure

    • Non-Compete Violations

    • Partnership Disputes

    • Patent Infringement

    • Personal Injury

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Property Disputes

    • Price Fixing

    • Products Liability

    • Real Estate Transactions

    • Retail Stores

    • Securities Fraud

    • Small Claims

    • Theft of Proprietary Property

    • Tobacco

    • Tortious Interference

    • Torts

    • Toxic Waste and Dumping

    • Trucking Negligence

    * limited time special priced offerings and discounts are available to new customers only and are to be paid in advance of anticipated services. Fees do not include copying expenses, second addresses, rush services, or any other fee’s, related expenses, if any, beyond a typical routinely timed service. Please be advised, special deals offered are non-transferable and are only applicable to one law firm and or Attorney per deal.