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A.C.E. Technology Inc. Florida Directory and Website services is a continuously active corporation in good standing since 1999. A.C.E. Technology Inc. Process Server directories extends its lead generation services globally.

Businesses change their addresses frequently and corporate entities change their names. We make every effort to keep up with these changes, if any, but cannot guarantee the addresses, name, and or information provided on this site is updated real time. It is entirely your responsibility to confirm the name of the entity, the corporation and correct address(es) where you send us to handle serving your documents.

WeServeCorporations.com is the domain name / website name of this directory and is not a corporate entity.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. plan your service with one of our listed Process Servers and they will turn the plan into a successful reality and service.


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To refer your service requests for services,

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WeServeCorporations.com reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our website.

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If any provision of this agreement is held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable and thus shall not void this agreement in its entirety.


We offer this information, so we have no misunderstandings or misinformation. We require you read this page prior to retaining our services. After reading this page, contact us. You agree and understand our terms, conditions, disclaimer, and policies are what will guide your service requests from start to finish. Our services are time intensive and time consuming, therefore there is no refunds after we receive your request for service.

Email Addresses, Cookies and Contact Information:

WeServeCorporations.com does not store or save contact information for commercial use. We do, however, retain your mailing address and telephone number for reference purposes [only] when you hire us. Rest assured we do not use any tracking, secret codes, or cookies within our pages. We do not create files or data sources with your information. All information is confidential and secure.

Since WeServeCorporations.com provides you with time and travel based informational, delivery, messenger, courier, process serving and research-oriented services there is NO REFUNDS after payment is received. There is NO refunds after we receive your service request. All services must be prepaid. We accept all credit cards and paypal. When you hire us, you are agreeing to our terms. There is NO REFUNDS.

Florida Statewide Listed Process Servers offer Subpoena Service, Location Services, Posting and or Hand Delivery of Notices and Demand Letters:

Standard timing fee is for serving or delivering your legal papers are determined by the zip code where services are to be attempted and your specific timing requirements / deadline. Standard services take place within one week.

Rush timed services are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and are billed at double the standard fee.

Same day service requests are billed at triple the standard fee.

Process serving services must be prepaid in advance of services. Services are billed by the initial designated address and how many service requests are to be delivered to or served at that same address.

You agree, when you send WeServeCorporations.com your service packet / letter or otherwise, the address where you are sending us is your responsibility. If the address is wrong, improperly listed, typed improperly, cannot be found, is vacant and or no longer exists, etc. (bad address) the fee you agreed to must be paid for regardless.

WeServeCorporations.com does not take any responsibility for addresses, unless retained to do so. We charge additional fees for second and or alternate addresses or locations. Arrangements and requests for serving process are considered special services when we are asked to appear on a specific date, time, and place. Process Service off the mainland of the U.S. are subject to additional fees.

WeServeCorporations.com lists Process Servers who serve the following locations:

Listed Process Servers serve Process in every County and City in the State of Florida

A.C.E. Technology Inc. and WeServeCorporations.com adheres to all laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals. A.C.E. Technology Inc. prides itself on performing honest and accurate process serving services to corporations and registered agents in Florida and are conditionally guaranteed. All policies and laws governing our business activities are strictly enforced to better serve you.

You agree to the terms and conditions and all policies as set forth above. When you hire WeServeCorporations.com, you are acknowledging the above and agree entirely.

When it comes to obtaining service of process upon a registered agent on behalf of a corporate entity, regardless of where the agent is located, you can count on the Process Servers of the WeServeCorporations.com directory to be there for you. It is a known fact that no other process servers are equipped to serve process upon businesses and corporate entities in Florida as the ones found listed here.


View the List of Florida Registered Agents Below