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A.C.E. process serving services is your one stop solution for all Florida service of process of lawsuits and subpoena delivery needs. We specialize in service of process of lawsuits, notification and demand letter deliveries to Florida registered agents, corporations, corporate entities, directors and business managers. When you are in need of assistance with delivering a lawsuit, notification, demand or subpoena to a Florida registered agent or Florida corporate entity, we are your best option for dependable service, guaranteed!

A.C.E. is a Florida statewide licensed agency that specializes in serving court issued documents and subpoena's upon corporations, entities and registered agents. We accept Subpoena's by email and will drafft a witness fee check on your behalf, when applicable. Save time, curb your expenses and we will take care of everything else.We are also Florida Process Servers who serve and deliver USDC, state court, out of state / foreign subpoena's to corporations and registered agents to every location in the state of Florida.

The purpose of this website is to offer you an easy way to search for and find Florida corporate entities, directors, managers of companies and registered agents for the purpose of serving and delivering legal and important documents.

To speak with a Florida Process Server or managing processing agent at the office of A.C.E., Inc, please call 888-702-0997 or email, contact@ServePaper.com. We are ready to assist you with any service relating to the delivery of a Subpoena and service of process of a lawsuit or other documents to a Florida corporation, corporate entity, registered agent or director. We are ready when you are!

Please be advised, to properly facilitate proper service upon a Florida entity or registered agent, you must have the exact spelling of the defendant entity. Most agents and corporations in Florida will accept service without much resistance however if you spell the entity name wrong and or are missing characters your service will most likely be rejected. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you know the exact name of the Florida corporate entity and which registered agent represents said entity before you retain us.

From this point forward and when utilizing this website, you will save time, be able to obtain information and data about Florida Corporate entities and Florida Registered Agents like no other private site in the state of nation. We invite you to spend time using our convenient search window or simply click on the various links, all designed to make your search for corporate entities and registered agents an easy experience, assisting you with your litigation needs. In addition to using our site, we also offer free advice, a staffed answer desk, a knowledgeable customer service department and licensed Process Servers to assist you throughout the entire handling of your file.

As you become familiar with this site you will find it to be the only comprehensive resource for finding Florida corporations and registered agent names and addresses. The site was compiled by Florida Process Servers who specialize in serving legal process upon Florida entities, directors, managers of corporations and registered agents. The special functions of this site invites each visitor to use our search field to find a corporate entity by name and or its registered agent with ease. In the alternative, we have process agents who you can speak or email with. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and welcome you as a new client.

Before proceeding, you should know who we are. We are a Florida Statewide Process Serving company named, Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation. We are Florida corporate entity since 1999 and doing business as "A.C.E., Inc.," Our company has extensive corporate and registered agent experience that will work for you on all levels. There are no other Florida Process Servers or companies that possess the experience, knowledge and skills we provide. Our experience, reputation and success is available to you now. Please email or call us to arrange services or to chat about your needs.

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A.C.E., Inc. is fully licensed, bonded and insured Florida corporate organization of professional process serving agents who are authorized under the laws of Florida to Serve Process. The company was started in a small apartment in South Florida and evolved into a multi office operation after just four years. As we grew, the internet became a major part of our business transactions, as such, we now operate from one central location and run a high efficient tech driven and encrypted business which has allowed us to maintain our excellent fee schedules and slim lined our process serving services for our clients.

Throughout the years there has always been one guiding light that we continue to follow. That is, the client’s needs always come first! We have learned when we have a happy client, we have successfully accomplished our first and immediate goal! Beyond a happy client, we pride ourselves on timely and proper services which remain the pillars of our success today. When we combine happy clients with our skillful business practices it’s a win – win for everyone!

You, as a new client, are just as important to us today as any past or existing client! Your service is our business! We would like to say we are very different today than we were years ago, but we can’t. We are actually the same today as we were back in 1999. That is, we are honest, conscientious, aim to please and are results oriented. All of our attributes go to work for you the moment to retain us.

Statewide Arranged Process and Delivery Services

Code of Ethics

A.C.E., Inc Process Servers agree to and abide by the provisions and principles set forth herein when dealing with clients, general public, associate members and associates in business as follows:

All process serving services will be performed in a lawful, professional and ethical manner. In the conduct of serving and delivering process to corporations and registered agents in Florida, nothing shall be done that would impugn the position, reputation, or name of its clients.

Everything possible shall be done to avoid an appearance of unprofessional behavior or attitude, impropriety and to protect the rights, interest and confidentiality of clients and the corporate entities being served

Each Florida Process Server with A.C.E. agrees to comply with and keep current her or his license, bond, if applicable, and requirements mandated within each Florida jurisdictions where your service will be performed.

We pledge to provide you with flawless Proofs of Service, Affidavits of Service and or Return on Service or Not Found Returns as and when appropriate. Final service documents shall be returned promptly.

Avoid Mistakes, Activate your Process Service with Absolute Certainty

Florida corporations, entities and registered agents change their addresses frequently. However, they do not necessary update their information with the state or websites. This common place problem is something we encounter too many times. We urge you to make a strong effort to confirm the address where you are sending us to serve your documents. We make every effort to keep up with addresses changes, if any, but cannot guarantee the addresses and or information provided on this site are updated real time. It is entirely your responsibility to confirm the correct address where service and delivery will be made. Taking a few extra minutes to verify an address will save you time and avoid costly mistakes!

Florida Process Serving Services that are Likely to Incur a Surcharge

Motion and Order to Appoint a Private Process Server in Florida

There are 15 counties in the state of Florida which require that a Motion and Order to Appoint Process Server be filed and granted before service of process can proceed. The motion and order list the process servers which are court-appointed for the county in which the service is taking place. The Motion and Order gets filed at the time you initiate the filing of your case. Once the Judge has granted the order, the process servers listed on the order can effectuate service.

If service is effectuated without a motion and order, the court or the opposing counsel can file a Motion to Quash, which would be reviewed by the judge and once approved would eliminate the service due to it being considered bad service. Having service quashed would require additional fees for the attorney, since a new summons would need to be issued and fees paid to the process server to redo the service. A process server attempting service without being appointed could result in penalties for the server. Should you wish to go around this process, you can send your service request directly to the Sheriff. The only time a Motion and Order to Appoint Process Server wouldn’t be needed is if it were service with a subpoena or letter.

There are fifteen counties in Florida that require a Motion and Order signed by the court before lawful and compliant service of process can take place. Here is a list of counties which require the Motion and Order to Appoint a Process Server. They are as follows: Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Calhoun, Clay, Columbia, Flagler, Gilchrist, Holmes, Levy, Nassau, Putnam, Union, Volusia, Washington

When you determine you need professional service of process upon a corporation, corporate entity and or a registered agent in any of the above counties, please contact us. We will prepare the motion and order for you and get the process started immediately. Email, info@AceFLA.com now!

A.C.E. Florida Corporate Process Servers Make a Difference

After two decades of working within the Florida Legal and Court System and serving Florida Corporations and registered agents with court issued documents, the most importance aspect is - the most successful and dependable process serving services occur when the most qualified licensed process server expedites your service. We pledge expeditious activation of your service, proper handling of your service and diligent efforts every step of the way. Our experienced, killed efforts and guaranteed results is what we offer you! Diligence within and Diligence throughout, No doubt!

What makes us Different?. Some say, "your attitude affects your altitude. A.C.E. Process Servers have the right attitude and the skills to support your needs. No question, experience and skills are essential to all Process Serving matters but with the proper focus and pledge to communicate with you to a successful conclusion will certainly affect your clients attitude!

Why use A.C.E., Process Servers? Local is Better. Using local process servers can save you a significant amount of time and money. By using a local process server, you are working directly with the people who are serving your papers. This results in more efficient communication and a higher level of customer service.

Do you have any special instructions? We want to handle your service correctly.

We welcome your directives, especially when you have special needs.

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