How to serve and deliver lawsuits, subpoenas, demand letters and notifications to Florida corporations and entities.

After you determine what Florida corporation or entity you are serving your lawsuit upon or delivering a subpoena to, contact us to arrange and confirm your flat fee and the timing of your service. If you would like to discuss your needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or telephone and we will happily assist you.

Please be advised, the procedure and process of serving a lawsuit or delivering a subpoena and important documents to a Florida corporation or FL entity is easy.

The quick steps to have your lawsuit served or subpoena delivered in a timely manner is easy:

Please send us the lawsuit or subpoena you need served upon the Florida corporate defendant or witness entity. If you elect to send us the documents by email, we will print out your documents and proceed to the designated corporate address. We will try to meet with and serve your documents to an authorized employee at the corporate office address.

Here are the steps to hire a licensed Process Server to serve a lawsuit, subpoena or urgent documents upon a Florida corporation or FL entity:

1. After you are certain you have the correct entity name, address and the name of the person whom will accept service on behalf of the corporate body, please send us the documents by email and let’s get started!

2. You can prepay for anticipated services via PayPal or with any major credit card of debt card

3. We print out the documents and collate them in preparation for service of process services.

4. We travel to and serve your documents upon the Florida corporation or entity you provided.

5. After service is complete, we provide you with a proof / affidavit / return of service via email and send the original via US Mail.

Florida Corporations and Entities.

A.C.E. Florida process serving services handles all types of lawsuits, service of process and subpoena delivery services. We are corporate and Florida entity service specialists who take pride in understanding the distinction between corporations and various corporate entities. Though we consider serving legal process to a Florida entity to be an easy task, service must be made in accordance with the specific rules, procedures and statutes that govern service of process upon a Florida business.

What the State of Florida considers as lawful entities.

Florida Corporation:

A legal entity the exists separately from people who own and manage it. Owners have limited liability.

Florida Limited Liability Company a/k/a an "LLC."

A Florida limited liability company is similar to a corporation but does have its differences. Similar to a Florida corporation, the LLC offers limited liability. A LLC does not have as many corporate formalities as a corporation.

Florida Partnership:

A Florida Partnership can be established when two or more people c-own a business and take equal responsibility for its losses or benefit equally from its success.

Florida General Partnership:

A Florida partnership is formed to have the rights and responsibilities divided equally among the partners. The partners are referred to as general partners because each partner can act on behalf of all the partners, and each partner is responsible for the partnership’s debts and obligations.

Florida Limited Partnership:

A Florida partnership involves both general and limited partners.

This type of Florida entity allows each partner to determine or limit personal liability.

Unlike FL general partners, Florida limited partners are not responsible for the partnership’s actions, debts and obligations.

Florida General Partners:

Florida general partners have the right to manage the business whereas limited partners do not.

Both general and limited partners benefit from the business’s profits.

Florida Sole Proprietorship:

A Florida sole proprietorship is the simplest and most common, yet least protected from personal liabilities, entity chosen to start a business.

It is a Florida unincorporated business owned and operated by one individual with no distinction between the business and the owner.

New Florida Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Limited:

Also known as FLP or LLL entities. We serve them all. The distinct of the corporate entity is of concern due to State Laws however, service of process upon these type of entities are easy made.

Florida Fictitious Name:

To learn more about a Florida fictitious name and to search for a special name, visit this site:

Florida DBA entity:

The d/b/a distinction refers to a Florida corporate entity that is "doing business as."

Florida FKA entity:

The f/k/a distinction refers to a Florida corporate entity that is "formerly doing business as."

Florida corporation and corporate entity services performed by Licensed Process Servers:

Simple, easy and best priced process and delivery services are what you should expect from A.C.E. Florida Process Servers. We are here to available to assist you!

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